Tie (2014)


Performance, 2014

In a group exhibition, the artist made a proposal 30 mins before the opening: she would place a tall plinth in the centre of the exhibition space, and tie herself up to a chair on top of it. However, the genuine intention, which wasn’t revealed, was to test out how other artists would react and deal with such an intrusion, and where the work would end up after going through the democratic process that the autonomy of a group exhibition requires.

As a result, it was suggested that the work be moved from the centre to the side, to a corner, then next to the bar, and eventually cancelled altogether. The artist then came back the next day and performed in an empty space outside the exhibition venue with no audience.


在一次群展的开幕前30 分钟,艺术家临时宣布增加一个行为作品:在展览空间的正中心放置一个高台,并把自己捆绑到高台上的一张椅子上。但其真正的意图在于测试其他参展的艺术家将如何以集体的力量“政治”地处理和处决这个无礼的提案。