Cling To A Curator (2015)

Cling To A Curator

Performance for Photograph, 2015 –

The artist uses cling film to bind herself to the curators of the exhibitions she has been part of. This is an ongoing project beginning in 2015, the year the artist started doing art full-time after graduating.


抱紧策展人 (进行中项目)



Cling To A Curator (2015)_Performance-1_web

with Zavier Ellis at Charlie Smith London in London (UK) for Young Gods, January 2015/2015年1月Young Gods展,与Zavier Ellis在英国伦敦Charlie Smith London画廊

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with Laura Tori Petrillo at Art Brussels in Brussels (Belgium) for Off Course, March 2015/2015年3月Off Course展,与Laura Tori Petrillo在比利时布鲁塞尔Art Brussels艺博会

(all photos of this performance except the 1st one, are by Claudio Cazzara/除了第一张外此次行为所有照片为Claudio Cazzara所拍摄)


with Justin Hammond at Londonewcastle Project Space in London (UK) for Catlin Art Prize, May 2015/2015年5月Catlin艺术奖提名展,与Justin Hammond在英国伦敦Londonewcastle项目空间

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with Joe Madeira at Cabin Gallery in London (UK) for solo show: Dear Boss, June 2015/2015年6月个展Dear Boss,与Joe Madeira在英国伦敦Cabin画廊

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with Liu Wei at his studio in Beijing (China) for Nocturnal Friendships at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, July 2015/2015年7月立木(Lehmann Maupin)画廊的Nocturnal Friendships展,与刘韡在他北京的工作室

(all photos of this performance are by Liu Buyi/此次行为所有照片为刘不一所拍摄)

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with Shangguan Zhe and Li Bowen at AKP SPACE in Xiamen (China) for solo show: 00:04:19, September 2015/2015年9月个展00:04:19,与上官喆、李博文在中国厦门AKP SPACE

(all photos of this performance are by Xie Shaojie/此次行为所有照片为谢少杰所拍摄)

 _M3H6044 _M3H6122

with Simon Rumley at Art Bermondsey Project Space in London (UK) for The Future Can Wait, October 2015/2015年10月The Future Can Wait展,与Simon Rumley在英国伦敦Art Bermondsey Project Space

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with Jean de Loisy, Vittoria Matarrese and Stéphane Roy at Palais de Tokyo in Paris (France) for Do Disturb, April 2016/2016年4月Do Disturb展,与Jean de Loisy, Vittoria Matarrese and Stéphane Roy在法国巴黎Palais de Tokyo(东京宫)

(all photos of this performance are by Patrick Siboni/此次行为所有照片为Patrick Siboni所拍摄)


Installation View:


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