Cling To A Curator (2015)

Cling To A Curator

Performance for Photograph, 2015

A series of photographs of the artist using cling film to bind herself to curators she has worked with in 2015 – the first year after graduating from art college (Royal College Of Art).


抱紧策展人 (进行中项目)




with Zavier Ellis at Charlie Smith London in London (UK) for Young Gods, January 2015/2015年1月Young Gods展,与Zavier Ellis在英国伦敦Charlie Smith London画廊:

Cling To A Curator (2015)_Performance-1_web

with Laura Tori Petrillo at Art Brussels in Brussels (Belgium) for Off Course, March 2015/2015年3月Off Course展,与Laura Tori Petrillo在比利时布鲁塞尔Art Brussels艺博会:

(all photos of this performance except the 1st one, are by Claudio Cazzara/除了第一张外此次行为所有照片为Claudio Cazzara所拍摄)

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with Justin Hammond at Londonewcastle Project Space in London (UK) for Catlin Art Prize, May 2015/2015年5月Catlin艺术奖提名展,与Justin Hammond在英国伦敦Londonewcastle项目空间:


with Joe Madeira at Cabin Gallery in London (UK) for solo show: Dear Boss, June 2015/2015年6月个展Dear Boss,与Joe Madeira在英国伦敦Cabin画廊:

_M3H3731_web _M3H3745_web

with Liu Wei at his studio in Beijing (China) for Nocturnal Friendships at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, July 2015/2015年7月立木(Lehmann Maupin)画廊的Nocturnal Friendships展,与刘韡在他北京的工作室:

(all photos of this performance are by Liu Buyi/此次行为所有照片为刘不一所拍摄)

007_web 006_web 008_web003_web 004_web 005_web010_web

with Shangguan Zhe and Li Bowen at AKP SPACE in Xiamen (China) for solo show: 00:04:19, September 2015/2015年9月个展00:04:19,与上官喆、李博文在中国厦门AKP SPACE:

(all photos of this performance are by Xie Shaojie/此次行为所有照片为谢少杰所拍摄)

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with Simon Rumley at Art Bermondsey Project Space in London (UK) for The Future Can Wait, October 2015/2015年10月The Future Can Wait展,与Simon Rumley在英国伦敦Art Bermondsey Project Space:

_M3H6116 _M3H6044 _M3H6122

with Jean de Loisy, Vittoria Matarrese and Stéphane Roy at Palais de Tokyo in Paris (France) for Do Disturb, April 2016/2016年4月Do Disturb展,与Jean de Loisy, Vittoria Matarrese and Stéphane Roy在法国巴黎Palais de Tokyo(东京宫):

(all photos of this performance are by Patrick Siboni/此次行为所有照片为Patrick Siboni所拍摄)

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Installation View:

_M3H5367 KM3H5388 KM3H5384 KM3H5397KM3H5471