Waiting Like A Prostitute, Half Ashamed Half Despairing (2015)

Waiting Like A Prostitute, Half Ashamed Half Despairing

Installation, 2015

Artist’s personal clothes, audio, amplifier, neon light, sun bed, bamboo stick, hanger, rope, bucket, mop, basin, fork

Size: Varied

In the summer of 2015, I did an art residency in Xiamen, China. My accommodation was a small room in a budget hotel in a busy area popular with tourists. Every day returning from my studio after midnight, I would encounter many sex workers lingering around the area seeking potential clients. When they noticed me, they would start walking ahead for a time, pretending to be ordinary passers-by. Over the course of the three-month residency, I had innumerable imaginary conversations with them and, by the end, I felt I knew them and had grown a connection with them.

In the solo exhibition marking the end of the residency, I created a balcony for a fictional sex worker in the heart of a busy commercial shopping centre, with all my personal clothes that I brought to Xiamen hung on the laundry lines. This was accompanied by a recording of a female voice humming along to ‘Forget Him‘, a melancholic Chinese love song from the 80s. The audio was broadcast day and night in the shopping centre.