Dear Boss (2014)

Dear Boss Kinetic Installation, 2014 Sheep skin, neon sign, metal, motor, LED strip, rubber, rope, cable tie, leather, perspex sheet, wood, paint Size: Varied   领导冒号 动态装置,2014 羊皮,霓虹灯,金属,发动机,LED 灯带,橡皮筋,绳子,尼龙扎带,皮革,有机玻璃板,木,颜料 尺寸可变 Installation View Video/展览效果视频:

Selling The Worthless (2014)

Selling the Worthless Performance, 2014 Documentation Video: 30’04” A documentation of a performance where the artist put her body up for auction online. Buyers could bid on any part of her body in A4 size, the artist then scanned the respective part and provided a print. The auction happened entirely on the smartphone messaging app, …

Scan (2014)

Scan Screen prints on vinyl, 2014 A series of documentation photos of a performance. The artist was required to scan four parts of her body, which had been sold to the highest bidders in an online auction. The four parts are: armpit, left breast, back and anus.   扫描 丝网印刷在乙烯基布上,2014 艺术家通过线上拍卖的方式出售了自己的四个身体部位,并按照买家的要求用扫描仪分别扫描了相应的身体局部:腋下,左乳房,后背以及肛门。该系列图片为记录此行为过程的纪实照片。  

Tie (2014)

Tie Performance, 2014 In a group exhibition, the artist announced a proposal 30 mins before the opening: she would place a tall plinth in the centre of the exhibition space, and tie herself up to a chair on top of it. Audiences were invited to interact with the artist in any way they wished. However, …

Hiccup (2014)

Hiccup Sculpture, 2014 Glass-reinforced plastic, polystyrene, paint, vinyl Size: 200x160x150 cm     嗝 雕塑,2014 玻璃钢,聚苯乙烯塑料,颜料,乙烯基 尺寸:200×160×150 cm  

Bullshit (2013)

Bullshit Sound Installation, 2013 An audio recording of the artist shouting ‘Bullshit’ in a variety of tones, with random intervals between 30 seconds to 30 minutes. To be played at exhibition openings from concealed speakers.   狗屁 声音装置,2013 音频文件记录了艺术家以不同的语气、音调和音量重复“Bullshit (狗屁)”,每句之间为30秒到30分钟不等的随机间隔。该音频被用在展览的开幕上从隐藏的音箱播放,观众无法辨别声音的对象和来源。   Demonstration Audio/音频示例:  

Trust Me (2013)

Trust Me Performance, 2013 Performance of a male and female playing a game of Paper, Scissors, Stone, where winner gets to slap the face of the loser. The female player always announces her move in advance, so the male gets to decide whether to slap or be slapped. The performance is viewed through a small …